• Remote Deposit

    Remote Deposit

    No matter where your business resides, you can enjoy banking with FNBLG.

    • Funds credited faster
    • No complicated software

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  • Lockbox


    Reduce your internal costs and improve efficiency by utilizing a deposit lockbox.

    • We'll prepare checks for deposit
    • Strengthen profitability

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  • Wire Transfers

    Wire Transfers

    Extremely efficient and cost-effective, we offer Wire Transfer services for both large and small amounts.

    • Cost-effective
    • Perfect for payments overseas

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  • Merchant Card Services

    Merchant Card Services

    You'll give your customers more ways to pay while your transactions become easier to track and monitor.

    • Clients have more ways to pay
    • Tracking payment is simple

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  • Sweep Money Market

    Sweep Money Market

    Operate as efficiently as possible with the convenience of a Sweep Money Market Account.

    • Effective cash management
    • Completely automated

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  • Zero Balance Accounts

    Zero Balance Accounts

    Use this for check-clearing purposes while the rest of your capital stays in interest-earning accounts.

    • Run your accounts efficiently
    • Maximize profits

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